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What is QEP? – QEP stands for Quality Enhancement Plan and is TAMIU’s plan to improve undergraduate writing and create a campus culture that promotes and values writing.  The QEP will be used during the “Write On, TAMIU” campaign, which promises to prepare students for success in their personal and professional lives by embracing writing.


Why is it important to me? – The QEP is TAMIU’s way of making sure you have the skills you’ll need when you graduate.  By enhancing the quality of your writing and preparing you for real-life situations, TAMIU is confident that your co-workers, employers and community groups will value your writing skills.


Why is TAMIU doing this? – Because we want you to succeed, both during your college career and after you graduate.  The QEP was created as part of the SACS accreditation process and is designed to provide you with a learning environment anchored by the highest quality programs built on a solid academic foundation in the arts and sciences. 


How does it work? – The QEP has several goals:

  • Extend writing activities throughout the University – One way the QEP will accomplish this goal is through the establishment of the Scholars Alliance for Learning and Teaching (SALT).  This faculty group will focus on increasing short writing assignments across all disciplines.
  • Emphasize excellence throughout the community – To ensure your success, TAMIU will gauge area employers’ satisfaction with TAMIU graduates.  The QEP goal is to have 80% of employers express satisfaction with graduates’ writing skills.
  • Research effective writing enhancement studies – The final goal will be to distribute the findings of the QEP, sharing what works best with other academic community members, so they too can improve the education of their students.


For more information – Please contact the associate provost at 326.2601, or e-mail qep@tamiu.edu.


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